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State Policy Network

State Policy Network is a coalition of 64 state think tanks representing all 50 states, over 66 state allied organizations in key capacities (including litigation, journalism, and advocacy), and more than 90 national partners, all dedicated to the principles of liberty and federalism. SPN exists to make these organizations better, faster, and stronger than if each worked alone. The power of the Network is scaling critical state and local solutions so they spread, leading to national impact.

SPN’s mission is to catalyze thriving, durable freedom movements in every state, anchored with high-performing independent think tanks. We work together with citizens, businesses, community leaders, and policymakers to solve our country’s greatest challenges. By solving problems closer to home, state leaders can be relevant and responsive to the needs of their communities. SPN empowers the Network to be influential voices for freedom in the states and achieve meaningful policy wins that enable all Americans to live freer, more prosperous lives.