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Douglas Tuman

Host, Monero Talk
Douglas Tuman with his wife Sunita run the Monero Talk and MoneroTopia podcasts — shows devoted to reporting on the digital cash revolution. Doug started in crypto as a “BTC Maxi” in late 2013, but found his way to Monero in search of a cryptocurrency that solved Bitcoin’s base layer fungibility and scaling flaws. Doug believes that for open and free societies to exist, there must be a means for people to transact without censorship or surveillance. With the impending elimination of physical cash and the world's full transition into the digital age, Doug believes our only hope is for an unstoppable and incorruptible digital cash utility to succeed. He ran for U.S. Congress in NY04 motivated by a passion for liberty and to help Monero achieve its digital cash mission. Doug and Sunita do not only talk the talk, they walk the walk, and have done so by Opting out of Dystopia and into Monerotopia.

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