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Saturday, July 16

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A Prosecutor, Felon, and a Libertarian Walk Into a Bar…Criminal Justice Reform in the Era of Rising Crime Trinidad A/BAndrew Langer • David Safavian • Peter Lucido • Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) Can Legal Weed Win? The Blunt Realities Of Cannabis Economics with Book Signing AndrosRobin Goldstein Continuous War: Will There Ever Be Peace? Mirage Events Center C3Scott Horton • Antiwar.com Election Chaos: Was the 2020 Election Stolen From Trump and Should 2024 Be His Year? Mirage Main StageJohn Fund • Wayne Allyn Root • Isaac Saul Get A Piece Of The $4.6-Billion Whiskey Industry: Invest in Three Chord Bourbon (for accredited investors) Key LargoAnthony Nanula • Anthony Cheng • Three Chord Bourbon Mastering the Language of Liberty: Refining Your Message St. Thomas BBrian McWilliams • Brittany Hunter • Sean Malone • Dan Fishman • Jonathan Realz The Human Trafficking Industrial Complex St. Thomas AEliza Bleu Entrepreneurial Guide to Operational Transformation Through Disruption Mirage Events Center C1Tricia Benn • Rod Collins • Nelson Griswold • Lisa Levy • Susan K. Younger • Joel Trammel • Angel Investors Network • C-Suite Network The Future of Video Gaming and Emerging Trends and Technologies Montego F/E/DTBD Speaker (PLACEHOLDER) • Virtual Interactive Technologies SUBVERSION SUMMIT Entrepreneurs Against Government Monopolies: The Real Future of Education Antigua AMichael Strong • Linsey Knerl • Leigh Bortins • Kerry McDonald • Nicole Solas WILDER SUMMIT Free Speech IS a Feminist Issue Montego B/CAvens O'Brien • Sara Higdon • Olivia Rondeau • Salome' Sibonex • Terry Kibbe SUBVERSION SUMMIT Fire All The Bosses: Self-Organizing Business and Emergent Community Antigua BMax Borders • Brian Robertson • Chris Rufer ANTHEM FILM FESTIVAL Quarantine for Two Kels Goodman, dir. (82 min) (romantic comedy) Montego A (Anthem Film Festival)Quarantine for Two

11:50am PDT

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2:10pm PDT

"Hot Topics" in the Fight for Liberty: A Discussion of Several Emerging Issues Shaping Today's Fight for Freedom AndrosHorace Cooper • Donna Jackson • George Landrith • Andrew Langer • Frontiers of Freedom ART & FREEDOM FreedomFest Art Show & Conversation with the Artists St. Thomas AJacqueline Claire • Matt Battaglia • Matthew Allen Miller Building Your Immune System In the Age of Covid JamaicaGreg Papanicolas • Project Sparta Cuba Libre: The Fight Against Socialism St. Thomas BAna Rizo • Daniel Di Martino • Martha Bueno • Jorge Galicia Was Confucius a Libertarian? Key LargoKeli'i Akina Why Do Despots Hate Artists? Trinidad A/BMatt Kibbe • Terry Kibbe • Free the People ANTHEM FILM FESTIVAL PANEL Our Favorite Dystopian Movies Montego A (Anthem Film Festival)Jo Ann Skousen • Doug Casey • Sean Malone • Marc Eliot • Gary Alexander How to Get Business Credit & Finance Your Growth without Your Personal Credit! Mirage Events Center C1Ty Crandall • Angel Investors Network The Big "Four" Panel Montego F/E/DJay Martin • Steve Forbes • Jim Rogers • Mark Skousen • George Gilder SUBVERSION SUMMIT Anti-Authoritarian Media: Free Speech, Open Inquiry and Open Science Antigua BJon Entine • Connor Boyack • Kingsley Edwards • Erin Edwards • Tristan Roberts SUBVERSION SUMMIT Medical Subversion: Take Back Control of Your Healthcare Antigua AEdward Hudgins • Matthew Bellis • Joshua Ketner • Mac Davis WILDER SUMMIT Beyond Roe v. Wade: What Comes Next? Montego B/CAvens O'Brien • Izabela Patriota • Kaytlin Bailey • Bekah Congdon • Feminists for Liberty

3:00pm PDT

3:10pm PDT

ART & FREEDOM How to Influence Political Thought with Visual Art St. Thomas AJacqueline Claire • Salome' Sibonex • Matt Battaglia • Matthew Allen Miller Doing Business For Liberty St. Thomas BPagona Manologlou • Sean Malone • Austin Berg • Jo Jorgensen Hedge for Inflation: Invest in Workforce Apartment Communities Key LargoAnthony Nanula • Anthony Cheng • Sinatra & Company How to Win When You’re in The Minority JamaicaAngela McArdle The Right to Move: A Discussion on Immigration AndrosSpike Cohen • Martha Bueno • Jose Cordeiro • James Harrigan • Sheriff David Hathaway The Supreme Court Review Trinidad A/BRandy Barnett • Anastasia Boden • Will Trachman • Cody Wisneiwski ANTHEM FILM FESTIVAL Over, Under, or Through Aaron Reese, dir. (32 min) + Discussion: Canceling Cancel Culture One Case at a Time Montego A (Anthem Film Festival)Aaron Reese • Over • Under • or Through People. Power. Profits. How to Create a World-Class Advisory Board Mirage Events Center C1Nancy Mayer • Angel Investors Network Growing Communist Threat from Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba..... Montego F/E/DJennifer Grossman • Daniel Di Martino • Lily Tang Williams • Simon Lee SUBVERSION SUMMIT Startup Nations: Competitive Governance and Creating New Jurisdictions Antigua BMax Borders • Michael Strong • Titus Gebel • Tom W. Bell • Carla Gericke SUBVERSION SUMMIT Taboo Industries: Liberty’s Limits in Gray Markets Antigua AAvens O'Brien • Kaytlin Bailey • Brian Robertson • Max More WILDER SUMMIT Women’s Bill of Rights Montego B/CLauren Adams • Carrie Sheffield • Inez Stepman • Independent Women's Network

4:00pm PDT

4:10pm PDT

ANTHEM FILM FESTIVAL Harvard Cancelled its Best Black Professor. Why? Rob Montz, dir. (25 min) Montego A (Anthem Film Festival)Harvard Cancelled its Best Black Professor. Why? ART & FREEDOM The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Freedom of Expression in Today's Comic Books St. Thomas ASean Malone • Matt Battaglia • Rob Capili • Free the People Common Law Is Essential to Well-Informed Civil Law....and It's Disappearing Key LargoJohn Chisholm Injustice For All: Criminal Justice Reform NOW! JamaicaMatt Nye • Matt Kibbe • Spike Cohen • Zuby Udezue • Addison Hosner Leaving the Left for Liberty & Creativity Sponsored by Sienna Mae Heath's Interview Series Trinidad A/BMatthew Allen Miller • Jacqueline Claire • Salome' Sibonex • Joanna Jurgens • Leaving the Left for Liberty My Two Cultural Revolutions St. Thomas BLily Tang Williams The Next Generation of Liberty: How Young People Are Making a Difference AndrosCasey Given • Caleb Franz • Gabriella Hoffman • Sherman Tylawsky Let's Get Real! Leadership MUST include Strategic Planning, and Implementing your Business’ Turn-Key Systems Mirage Events Center C1John D. Reighard • Angel Investors Network Beyond Wealth: How to Think, Act and Live Like a Renaissance Man Montego F/E/DMark Skousen • Jim Rogers • Alexander Green • Doug Casey • Jim Woods SUBVERSION SUMMIT Liberation Technology: Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Governance Antigua BBrian Robertson • David Veksler • Irina S. Litchfield SUBVERSION SUMMIT Startup Showcase: Subversive Innovators Give Their Pitches Antigua AMax Borders • Avens O'Brien • Mac Davis • Kingsley Edwards • Tristan Roberts • Michael Strong WILDER SUMMIT The Fight For Freedom: A Global Perspective on Issues Women Face Montego B/CIzabela Patriota • Preity Üpala • Sabrina Riveiro • Ana Rizo • Marina Zonis • Ladies of Liberty Alliance

6:00pm PDT

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