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Friday, July 15

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Liberando! An Economic and Political Overview of Latin America St. Thomas ARoberto Salinas-Leon • Jose Cordeiro • Daniel Di Martino • Izabela Patriota ***SESSION CANCELLED DUE TO TRAVEL CANCELLATIONS*** I Dissent: Unpacking the Spiciest Decisions from the 2021-22 Supreme Court term (Dissed live taping) Mirage Events Center C3Anastasia Boden • Brad Polumbo • Pacific Legal Foundation Ayn Rand’s Moral Case for Capitalism and Why It’s So Heartily Resisted Montego B/CRichard Salsman • The Atlas Society From Homeschooling to Government Schooling: Reclaiming The Full Spectrum of Education Trinidad A/BMarianna Davidovich • TK Coleman • Kerry McDonald • Zilvinas Silenas • Foundation for Economic Education Generate Outsized Investment Returns with Short-Term Vacation Rentals Antigua BBarry Goldwater Jr. • Lance Pederson • Parsons Villas Gun Rights are Human Rights: Why the Second Amendment is Liberty’s Linchpin St. Thomas BClint Russell • Spike Cohen • Gabriella Hoffman • Maj Toure How to Fight for Truth Without Getting Burned? Grand Main StageJoshua Philipp • Eric Metaxas • Rob Monster • James O'Keefe How We Got Here, and How We Get Back to Energy Independence Key LargoReed Cagle • Sandy Stark • Lapetco Larger than Life: Why Merle Haggard is Rated the #1 Country Music Singer AndrosGary Alexander • Marc Eliot REASON DAY Drugs After the Drug Wars: Policies for a New Age JamaicaDavid Nott • Diane Goldstein • Geoffrey Lawrence • Jacob James Rich • Reason Why YOU Should Join the New Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement Antigua AMarc Victor • The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm Withstanding the Hurricane Economy, in Business and in Life! Mirage Main StageTricia Benn • Michael Beas • Joseph Farre • Sherry James • Jonathan Stone • Jerome Myers aka “J” • C-Suite Network Your Guide to Building a Unicorn in 2022 and Beyond! Mirage Events Center C1Brian MacMahon • Angel Investors Network Inflation Hedge Update: Why Have Gold and Silver Underperformed, and Oil Has Outperformed? Montego F/E/DRoger Michalski • Doug Casey • Adrian Day • Jeff Phillips • Van Simmons • Paul Wendee The Decentralist: Mission, Morality, and Meaning in the Age of Crypto with Book Signing Exhibit Hall Book StoreMax Borders ANTHEM FILM FESTIVAL PANEL So You Want to Make a Movie: Tips for the Documentarian Montego A (Anthem Film Festival)Jo Ann Skousen • Austin Berg • Ann Hartley • Michael Pack • David Tice

2:00pm PDT

2:10pm PDT

Alternative Investments: Taking Advantage of Private and Discreet Opportunities You Never Thought Possible Key LargoEric Harmon • Preferred Coin Exchange An Unfunny World: Protecting the Freedom of Satire Mirage Main StageRosie Tran • Camilla Cleese • Kyle Mann • Lou Perez • Young Americans For Liberty Black Guns Matter Workshop: Become an Expert in Deescalation and Conflict Resolution Mirage Events Center C3Maj Toure • Black Guns Matter Bottom-up Solutions for a Top-down World Trinidad A/BStephanie Maier • Americans for Prosperity Foundation - Grassroots Leadership Academy (AFPF) Funding Freedom: Building Parallel Economy Antigua BRob Monster • Ken Cauley • Christopher Marston • EPIK Is Atheism Dead? Insights From the Author Montego B/CEric Metaxas New Breakthrough Therapies for Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, MS and More AndrosJack Jacobs • Bart Vossen • Zhittya Genesis Medicine Predatory Tax Foreclosures: Behind the Tax Collectors' Reverse Robinhood in the US St. Thomas ADaniel Dew • Tawanda Hall • Scott Kaufman • Christina Martin • Pacific Legal Foundation REASON DAY Afghanistan: The Veterans Who Stepped Up to Save Allies Biden Left Behind JamaicaNoor Greene • David Edwards • David Hicks • Josh Jenkins • Reason Selling Marxists on Markets: Three Principles of Persuasion That Anyone Can Use to Become More Effective in the Battle for Capitalism St. Thomas BJon Hersey • Objective Standard Institute The School Choice Revolution: A Review on How Far We've Come and Where We're Headed Grand Main StageCorey DeAngelis • Leigh Bortins • Cooper Conway • Garion Frankel • Kerry McDonald • Sam Sorbo Three Black Libertarian Men Walk into a Bar... Antigua ATK Coleman • Larry Sharpe • Doctor Thunder Beyond Words on a Wall: A Business Case for Massively Human Leadership Mirage Events Center C1Kathleen Seeley • Angel Investors Network A Practical Guide to Financial Self-Sovereignty Montego F/E/DDavid Veksler Twenty-Four Conservative-Liberal Thinkers with Book Signing Exhibit Hall Book StoreHannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson ANTHEM FILM FESTIVAL Battleground Melbourne, Topher Field, dir. (101 min) + Discussion: Pandemic Lockdown: Overreach and Overkill Montego A (Anthem Film Festival)Gary Alexander • Doug Casey • Sean Malone

3:00pm PDT

3:10pm PDT

Free Cities and Prosperity Zones: Is Liberty in Our Lifetime Possible? Trinidad A/BMark Edge • Titus Gebel • Alex Voss • Free Cities Foundation Got the Inflations Blues? We’ve Got Them Beat with 10.25% Fixed Returns Antigua BLaine Schoneberger • Yrefy How to Ride the Residency Wave to Freedom: A General Overview and Three Specific Case Studies AndrosMichael Cobb • ECI Development How to Sell Freedom Without Starting a Fight Antigua ADuane Lester • Americans for Prosperity Foundation - Grassroots Leadership Academy (AFPF) How You Can Reap Huge Profits by Investing in the Post-Covid Solution for the Travel Industry Key LargoKevin Bidner • The Hotel Communication Network REASON DAY Covid and Leviathan: How Lockdown Policies Grew Government at the Expense of Liberty JamaicaNick Gillespie • Christian Britschgi • Angela McArdle • Robby Soave The Best Protection Against the Fed’s Inflation Montego B/CRich Checkan • Adrian Day • Asset Strategies International • Adrian Day Asset Management The Future Is Now: Perspectives On Education Freedom From Beneficiaries of School Choice Programs St. Thomas ACorey DeAngelis • Nathan Cunneen • Angelina Severino • Mallori Wigent • American Federation for Children The Great Bitcoin Debate: Is Crypto the Biggest Financial Bubble Since the Dot.com Era? Mirage Main StageBen Swann • Max Borders • Alexander Green • John Mackey • Brian Robertson The Rise of Atheism: An Answer to Theocrats and Woke Authoritarians Attacking the Freedoms We Cherish St. Thomas BThomas Sheedy • Atheists for Liberty Turning the Tide in the Liberty Movement: Freedom Organization Summit Mirage Events Center C3Tony Woodlief • Casey Given • Jennifer Grossman • Will Hagen • Wolf von Laer • Zilvinas Silenas Vote with Your Dollars: Creating Alternatives in Business and Technology in the New Freedom Economy Grand Main StageJan Jekielek • Rebecca Hatfield • Zafar Khan • Jacob Wells • Heather Wilson Lead the Field: Build Your Business with a Book! Mirage Events Center C1Trevor Crane • Angel Investors Network Bear-Proofing Your Stock and ETF Portfolio Montego F/E/DMike Turner • Turner Capital Investments A Twisted History of the United States Fireside Chat with Book Signing Exhibit Hall Book StoreTK Coleman • Gary Richied

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