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Thursday, July 14

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2000 Mules: "Law Enforcement Has To Step In At This Point!" - Will Sheriff's Investigate? JamaicaSam Bushman • Richard Mack • Sheriff Scott A. Williams • Sheriff Calvin Hayden • Sheriff Dar Leaf • Sheriff Christopher Schmaling • Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officer Association Disinherit the IRS: Estate & Tax Planning Strategies Under the Biden Administration St. Thomas ADavid Phillips • Estate Planning Specialists Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat: Election Integrity Tools for All Americans Montego B/CBob McEwen • Jenny Beth Martin • Tea Party Patriots Faith Seeking Freedom: Making the Christian Case for a Free Society Antigua ADoug Stuart • Kerry Baldwin • Matthew Bellis • Norman Horn • Ááron Sepúlveda-Cué • Libertarian Christian Institute Should We Raise Taxes on the Rich? Mirage Main StageArthur Laffer • Ben Stein • Mark Skousen Tax Leverage and Potential Cash Flow From U.S Oil Production Key LargoCraig Clausen • John Engel • Gulf Coast Western The "Art" of Investing”: Invest in a Corporation That Is Growing Exponentially, With Audited Financials, and You May Even Secure Your Investment by Selecting Fine Art At No Additional Cost Antigua BMichael Sheppard • Treasure Investments Corporation dba Foundry Michelangelo The Collapse of Journalistic Gatekeeping: How Independents Are Reaching New Audiences Grand Main StageBrad Polumbo • Glenn Greenwald • Erick Erickson • James O'Keefe • Ben Swann The Problem of Mass Killings: Creating Policies That Save Lives and Secure Our Freedom St. Thomas BBrendan Steinhauser • Danny McCormick • Patrick Neville • Kera Birkeland • Young Americans For Liberty The Problem of NATO: The Impact of Ukraine and Russia on Foreign Policy Mirage Events Center C3Michelle Makori • Scott Horton • Barbara Kolm • Kyle Anzalone • Dan McKnight The Theoretical Foundations of the American and French Revolutions AndrosBrian V. Thomassen To Brothel, or Not to Brothel? Why the Freedom of Sex Workers Impacts Us All Trinidad A/BAvens O'Brien • Elizabeth Nolan Brown • Ariela Moscowitz • Savannah Sly • Decriminalize Sex Work Entrepreneurial Guide to Creating Lasting Wealth & Successful Exit Strategies Mirage Events Center C1Jeffrey Hayzlett • Doug Mayer • Patti Plough • Randy Tate • Angel Investors Network • C-Suite Network Is Your Investment Portfolio Missing a Critical Ingredient? Learn How to Increase Returns and Reduce Risk By Adding One Crucial Investment Montego F/E/DBrad Barrie • David Johnson • Alliance Foundation • Global Capital Markets Fund The Power of Capitalism: A Journey Through Recent History Across Five Continents with Book Signing Exhibit Hall Book StoreRainer Zitelmann

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Automating Online Fundraising for Liberty: Raise More Money, Acquire New Donors, Secure Transformational Gifts, and Automate The Process Antigua ATim Bertram • Optimize Consulting Cannabis 2.0: Capitalizing On the Emerging East Coast Market AndrosMichael Scott • Todd Sullivan • Cannapreneur Partners Demystifying School Funding: What You Need to Know and How States Can Leverage Dollars to Promote Greater Educational Freedom JamaicaMartin Lueken • Aaron Garth Smith • EdChoice Growing the Liberty Movement by Reaching the Rising Generation Mirage Events Center C3Elijah Stanfield • Jonny Vance • Tuttle Twins Hitting A Nerve: Storytelling to Advance Liberty Causes Montego B/CAustin Berg • Iron Light Hornet Makes Profit at $30 Oil...Imagine Your Returns at $100 Oil! Key LargoRon Filer • Hornet Corporation How The Force Can Fix The World: Lessons on Life, Liberty and Happiness from a Galaxy Far, Far Away Grand Main StageStephen Kent • Lisa Kennedy • Scott Horton How to Break Big Tech Control Over Information St. Thomas BBen Swann • Sovren Investing for 2050, Not Next Quarter St. Thomas AEryka Gemma • Paul Rosenberg • Timelock Management • Free-Man's Perspective Investment and Patient Treatment Options in a Biotech Company Developing Novel Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Brain Diseases Trinidad A/BJack Jacobs • Dan Montano • Zhittya Genesis Medicine Pursuing a Revival...In Gold Antigua BHugh Agro • Revival Gold Inc The Long Haul: Ongoing Effects From the Medical Response to Covid-19 Mirage Main StageDel Bigtree • Dr. Robert Malone • Dr. Pierre Kory • Dr. Richard Urso • Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) - I Can Decide The Disruptor’s Dilemmas: The Key to Success for Revolutionaries, Game-Changers, and Impact Businesses Mirage Events Center C1Christopher Marston • Angel Investors Network Stagflation, Pitchfork Economics and What's To Come: A Survival Guide Montego F/E/DAxel Merk • Merk Investments Homeschool Hacks: How to Give Your Kid a Great Education Without Losing Your Job (or Your Mind) with Book Signing Exhibit Hall Book StoreLinsey Knerl

3:00pm PDT

3:10pm PDT

ANTHEM FILM FESTIVAL PANEL Getting the Story: Sometimes It Really Is a Matter of Life and Death Montego A (Anthem Film Festival)Richard Lorenc • Arash Ayrom • Simon Lee • Brad Lips Advancing Liberty in a Illiberal Age: How Your Non-Profit Can Survive the Evil Axis of Google, Facebook and Twitter St. Thomas BMatt Waters • Peter Lipsett • F Street Partners Can We Fix Congress? Mirage Events Center C3Bob McEwen • Justin Amash Currency Collapse: What Do People Actually Do When Their Money Doesn't Buy Anything Anymore? St. Thomas AJeremy Cordon • Goldback How You Can Reap Huge Profits by Investing in the Post-Covid Solution for the Travel Industry Antigua BKevin Bidner • The Hotel Communication Network Invest in the Blockchain: Predictable and Proven Monthly Income Paying 9% to 21% Annually AndrosCory Rodriguez • Jesse Meade • Jim Markland • NFN8 Group Live Well, Leave a Legacy: Reduce Taxes, Protect Wealth, & Family Succession Trinidad A/BRick Durfee • Durfee Law Group Pandemics and Liberty JamaicaRyan Yonk • James Harrigan • Phillip Magness • Matt Kibbe • American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) The Association of Libertarian Educators: Supporting Liberty and Independent Thought in the Classroom Montego B/CTyler Harris • Whitney Bilyeu • Jo Jorgensen • Richard Ellefritz • George Zsidisin • Libertarian Party The Gigantic Truths of History That Never Appear In Textbooks Key LargoPaul Rosenberg • Free-Man's Perspective To Electoral or NOT to Electoral: Should We Make Structural Changes to the Federal Election Process? Grand Main StagePaul Greaney • Saul Anuzis • Trent England • Ray Haynes • Sean Parnell • Save Our States • National Popular Vote Uniting Americans Against Our Common Enemy: The Federal Government Antigua ATony Woodlief • State Policy Network When the Government Assaults the First Amendment Mirage Main StageJames O'Keefe • Ron Coleman • Viva Frei (David Freiheit) • Alex Kozinski • Project Veritas Next Generation Marketing: Creating Hyper-Growth With Advanced Marketing Systems Mirage Events Center C1Jeff Barnes • Angel Investors Network Session 1: The Cloud Revolution: Will It Create a New Roaring Twenties? / Session 2: How to Fight the Free Lunch Movement Montego F/E/DSteve Forbes • Mark Skousen • Paul Wendee • David Bahnsen • George Gilder That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore with Book Signing Exhibit Hall Book StoreLou Perez

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